Monday, February 8, 2010

Marriage Mondays

I am continuing with this again this week. 

#267 (Marriage Problems) ~ You need to know if you are still mad about something that happened five years ago, it's a sign you're off your meds.
Ha.....I do not forget anything~I can't help it that is just my memory.  I did not say that I don't forgive or I would be mad I just do not forget much!

#666 (Marriage and Counseling...the number 666 makes this sound doomed anyways) ~ You need to know if your marriage counselor is divorced.
Sounds kind of like calling a computer repairman that does not own a computer!

#687 (Marriage and Fidelity) ~ You need to know that having one affair will tend to lead to another.
Maybe Tiger should pick up a copy of this book.......just sayin.

What are your marriage tips?

1 comment:

  1. LOL this book cracks me up! I think you guys already have down a good foundation!


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