Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up, Up and Awake!

I have been having trouble sleeping at night so therefore I have been watching a lot of t.v. (Along with hearing the BF and pets snore) Any who I saw everything from reality shows to home renovations and there is always a few infomercials I stop on to see "what they heck they are selling now." One of the shows I watched was about the rich and famous celebrities having babies and the millions they spend. They let me know who bought what and where it came from as if I would be running out to spend a million dollars any time soon! One of the things they shared with all of America was that Jennifer Lopez had a verrrrry expensive baby shower. OK that is fine. I would love all the baby fun and goodies if I was rich! But the disturbing part.....she threw the shower herself. Does the booty-liscious Baby Mama not have enough friends or any friends for that matter that would have given her a lovely shower? Or did she give it herself because she was afraid it would not be glamorous enough? That is one to sleep on! (if I could sleep!) Another show I watched was called "Renovation Realities". If you ask me it should be renamed "Do-It-Yourself Dummies!" This mother and son duo with their northern accents decided to remodel the sons kitchen.....big mistake. I don't think either one of them had ever even flipped through a home magazine much less done anything inside the home! The son said "How had (they were from the North and left a lot of letters out) could it be! Well he had the mother start painting before the demolition even started....why? You are just going to run the risk of messing it up. To move on through the hour of their stupidity quickly I will point out a few of their not so genius blunders. They hung the top cabinets before demoing the bottom cabinets and as they were kicking the bottom cabinets.....the top cabinets came falling down. Well that messed up the brand new cabinets. A)They didn't put them in with anchors and B) They should have taken everything down before putting anything new up! So they had to go buy new ones. Next the mother went to pick out a counter top. She picks out a barn red (yes, ugly) counter top. She throws a very long piece of counter top in the back of her pick up truck with a very short bed and does not tie it you guessed it, it comes crashing down out of the truck and splits! A) Don't let your mother pick out your counter tops (especially barn red) and B) Tie them down. I can't even go into all the dumb details but people please don't take on projects that you don't have a clue about! They spent double the budget and the kitchen still did not look that great.

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