Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not My Week

If any of you read my mishap with my little chocolaty yummies then you know things were not in my favor this week. Cas had to go to the funeral home last night to visit some old friends who had lost their mother. He said he would take me out to dinner at Longhorns. You mean I don't have to cook dinner and I can go out to eat? What time....I am there. In fact I had already blurted out my choice of what I knew I would be feasting on! "PRIME RIB"!!!!! I was showered and ready when Cas made it home from work. I told him yet again what I would be dining on and even made a few sniffing noises at him and saying.......Sniff smell that? Mmm Prime Rib!!!!! Yes I really did that in the car. We quickly got a table. Thank goodness because I had been fasting for this! Our waiter who was also the bartender (he didn't have too much time for us) came and asked if we wanted bread? Yes please! (or I will go and get it myself I am starving here) He came and took or orders. I will have the Prime Rib please with Mashed Potatoes. Cas followed with the sentiment. Ahh heaven on a plate coming in minutes........let me cut another slab of this bread off and slather it with this yummy butter! Here comes bartender/waiter dude again and he stopped at our table. "Sorry guys, we JUST ran out of the Prime Rib!" Excuse me? Surely he is talking to the table behind me! Cas grab the butter knife out of my reach (i thought)! I looked at him like he told me my Dog had just died. I did not eat all day and put on descent clothes (yes I put on pants that were not lounge pants) to be told that my little piece of cow that I had dreamed of all day was no where to be found in the Steak-House! What did I do to the Gods to deserve all this lately? I have been cleaning up after a sick dog all week and this all I wanted! I had to pick out something else from the menu. It was not as good as I had hoped. What is next to not look forward to? Ho hummmm

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