Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mexican and Mary Kay

One of my dear friends, April, that I have known since going to Southern Union called and wanted to meet me Thursday. She cornered me after math class one day.....I knew she had to want something else other than help with math (because that would have been a joke). Ultimately she is the one that "swindled"(haha) me into Mary Kay! April lives in Aniston and comes to town occasionally to work. We met at Starbucks.....thought we were gonna have coffee! Um yeah right, I had a better chance of finding a $20 dollar bill on the ground that getting a table in there! You see our Starbucks is the happening place for the hip college students to "study" at. Really they should either expand or put a time limit on the tables....geez. We hopped in the Pink Cadillac (yep I have a friend that has a pink cadillac..she is an awesome Mary Kay saleslady) and contemplated where to go from there. So she suggested Mexican! Sweet Jesus Thank You! That is my favorite thing and I have a love for Laredos! There is nothing better than spending an evening there. I would probably choose this place over any "fancy" restaurant any time. I don't really know why I get a menu. I scan over to see if I might try something new, but I don't. I ALWAYS get a chicken and cheese quesidilla with white cheese dip on and a margarita. And it is a sin to go and not get a white cheese dip for an appetizer! So you know we did! There is a special place in heaven for whoever invented White Cheese Dip! She surprised me and treated me to dinner! So sweet.....and to top that off she brought me a really cute bag filled with Mary Kay goodies! I must have been on the good list last week. Thank You April......I can't wait to take you out and treat you!

P.S. I met Charity through April and Charity introduced me to Cas so April indirectly has something to do with "us"

Here is her cute Pink Cadillac. It has her name on the dash and all!

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