Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slithering Satan!

I was watching t.v. and I saw this! I have already informed Cas we would move and then burn the house down in this happened! I would not stand around and wait on some one to come pick it up either! Trust me of my fear and ultimate hatred of these beasts! We have seen two since we have lived here! I opened the back door one night to take trash out and a "small" (and I don't care if they are 1 inch or 100 feet I am deathly afraid) one ran across the back porch. I screamed so loud that people across the county could here me. The other time I was walking through the grass coming up to the front door and the little demon popped up and ran onto our front porch. So what did I do? I screamed for Cas and starting pulling things out of my purse and throwing them at the window so he would come and save me! He didn't hear me as he was in the Gentleman's Room! I am sure the neighbors wondered who the nut was that have moved in over here as I was screaming and throwing all the contents of my purse at our house! These people in the video have someone come "save" it and then they are going to take it to a sanctuary! Their are people in this country losing their houses and we have sanctuaries for these things? I have even researched buying two guineas for the back yard because it says that they can keep snakes away! Yes I know they keep rats away, but I would rather see a rat than reptile! Believe it or not my two step-brothers once had one as a pet! I will be putting out moth balls in the yard soon to repel the vermin's! Please don't send me any hate mail because I don't have love for the reptilian kind! Sorry I have sense!

Despiser of Snakes,

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