Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Ahh can you smell that? Come closer......ahh the smell of muscadine! Smells like pure grapes. When we went to Barnsville Buggy Days this past fall I went in a old drug store which I love to do and they have their own brand of candles there. I bought a regular candle that was fall scented for Renea and I and I filled up my little basket with some of the greatest smelling tarts you have ever sniffed. And yes I did sniff most of them! I must encourage you all to order some. They are cheap and super smelly (the good kind of smelly)! I do recommend Orange Juice and Muscadine! Let me know if any of you order any and what your favorite scent is!
It is Friday the 13th and hope all continues to go well for the rest of the day!

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