Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots to Do

Lots to do around here this weekend. Cas does not work on Fridays so hopefully we can get started tomorrow before the rain gets here. We have to run a few errands 1st in the morning.What to start on 1st? Planting flowers, painting furniture or start on my garden? We brought home a blueberry bush from Aunt Barbara and Cas's Mom gave us a Forsythia and and Azalea and some Lantana. We need to get those in the ground. Also I still have a china cabinet to finish painting. It has just either been to cold to paint or it has been rainy the days I have had a chance to do it. We have a lot of little odds and end to put up and do around here. Also Cas's mom sent us a bunch of Pecans to crack. I will have to get the BF "cracking" on that project while he spends hours with his love.....the DVR! We also have a bunch of seeds to plant. I have a handy dandy gadget coming for this project. I will share when it comes in!

Cas digging up some of the plants we brought back

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