Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Few Finds

Finally I found a recipe book like I have been looking for. Now I can stop writing every recipe I find online down on scratch pieces of paper! All the pieces of paper get scattered around or stuffed in the basket with cook books. I need some organization for my recipes!

I found these before Christmas but we finally just put them up this past week. They were a thrifty find and actually if you look close enough they are puzzles and were already framed. Not exactly what I was wanting but they look good and if you look real closely on the top left of the left picture......It's a Beehive with bees! (I am a collector of bees since Melissa means "honey bee")

Another thrifty find. A "vintage" snoopy dog treat tin! I knocked two birds out with this one. Cas collects Snoopy and......well Maggie eats treats!

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