Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it a right of passage or a place to buy in bulk?

Dear Sam's Management,

I have just returned from your store and want to know why it takes and act of God to get a dang card to flash at the door greeter just so I can buy cheese in bulk? The BF and I went to photo counter and your friendly employee helped us. Our card was expired and she gladly (and quickly) helped us. I inquired about the fact that last year we had to buy two separate cards because we did not live under the same roof and the lady said just go over to the main counter and let them know and they should just give us another one so in case I come by myself then I will have one without having to spend another 40 dollars. Well Mr. Sam we perused your store while throwing necessities in the buggy. I must say also that you have a lovely assortment of flower bulbs that the BF and I have our eyes on. Anyways I thought while the BF was checking out I would go get in the "quick" line to pick up our extra card. I stood behind some rather obnoxious ladies in line talking to the girlfriends out of line. I figured I could deal with since it shouldn't take that long to get the front.....right? There was only two ladies helping out. One lady was helping a couple out and she handed them all kinds of paperwork. Then they sooo affectionately kissed! Is that necessary? They appeared more as if they were there getting a marriage licence! The other lady was helping out a woman that had all kinds of information in her hand when she got to the front. She appeared like she was there for a passport! After standing there way longer than I should (and didn't move) we left. Is Sam's some major government office that I don't know about or just somewhere you can buy toilet paper in bulk? I ask you?

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