Thursday, October 29, 2009

Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes


Blue Suede ones?  Mmmm
maybe not but I do need some casual black ones.  Preferably some that will not eat the skin off of my feet like almost ALL shoes do!  Anyways I was online this morning and I read about Oprah having Christian Siriano from Project Runway on her show today.  He is now a big designer and has a line of shoes coming out at Payless so they are offering this coupon for 50% of anything in the store!!  They already have budget friendly shoes at Payless so just think of what you can get!  This coupon is only good until tomorrow the 30th so hurry!  If you have two Payless stores near you could get two pairs!  You could even make the hubs stand in line behind you with a 2nd pair paying seperately off course!  Laugh.........Cas and I have done that before when I needed a set of lamps at Hob Lob and I checked out with one lamp and a 40% of coupon and he checked out with a lamp and a 40% of coupon.  Normally I would have just gone back the next day but I didn't want to risk my lamp being bought!

While you are out shopping you can use this coupon for 15% off at Old Navy! ON will have childrens costumes on sale for $2 on the 30 & 31st.  There is also a coupon for a free travel hand sanitizer at Bath & Body Works!  They have anti0bacterial hand soaps on sale for $3 right now!

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