Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soup Saturdays and Sundays

I decided with Fall here and Winter coming that I would plan to make soups on Saturdays and or Sundays.  Some weekends we are gone one of the days or we are in and out.  If we are here then usually Cas is watching football and I am either on watching another t.v. or working on a project only 500 more to go!  The crock pot and I are total BFF's!  I throw food in her and she cooks for me!  She doesn't talk back or want anything except a bath in return!  So far I have made our favorite Taco Soup a couple of times, Potatoe Soup, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chilli, and this past weekend I made Renea's vegetable stew!

Homemade Chilli with Cornbread
Potatoe Soup garnished with cheese and bacon bits! Delish!

I will post the recipe for Taco Soup soon! The Beef Stew I made was Renea's recipe, Cas was really wanting me to make a beef stew.  The Potatoe Soup and the Chicken Tortilla Soup come from a company online  I add potatoes to the potatoe soup and add chicken to the Chicken Tortilla and add tortillla chips.  It is one of my faves as well!  I bought these at a show but you can just as easy go online and get them!  They are cheap and easy and great on a cold day!  What soup shall I cook next?

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