Saturday, October 24, 2009

Howl-O-Ween (2008)

No I didn't spell it is Trick-or-Treating for puppies, pooches, doggles, our 4 legged child!  Every year Downtown Opelika has this event and everyone brings their dogs dressed up, some in full costumes some in just a t-shirt or bandana.  They have food and doggie snacks and the money you spend goes to help out an animal rescue program.  We took Maggie last year and she was soooo cute!  Everyone wanted to stop and look at her.  Since it was right before the elections I ordered a Uncle Sam costume and glitzed it up.  I mean really ya'll thought I was going to leave something plain?  Uh no I painstakingly hot glued sequined stars on top of all the stars that were on her cape and she even had a special piece added to her hat that lit up and blinked!  She was blinging!  Moi, her Mom also made her a sign that said "McCanine for President"!  LOL  If I only had a second dog we would have had "Sara Pawlin" as well!  Ahh I kill me!  Yes I amuse myself, I guess that is all that matters!  We did see another dog in her costume last year but it was "as is" from the package.......I did see Maggie shoot them a look as if to say "Eww Boring" but I raised her to be a lady!  I had been looking for something this year and found a bunch of cute things.  I found mostly animal costumes, a pig, skunk, ladybug, etc.  They were all really cute but most of the dogs dress as animals so I had to find something differant.  I found something that I didn't see last year and believe me I saw every gosh darn costume there was to see online last year!  I am not going to share with ya'll what it is yet.  You will all have to wait until Monday to see! (I did tell one person what it is and she better not leave a comment :P Ha) We waited kind of late to get it so I have to work on it this weekend.  Yes Dog Mom of the year toted Maggie's costume to Hobby Lobby today to match up some colors so I could add some accents to it! I will tell you it does have a headpiece to it that she wasn't digging the other night as she modeled for her Dad!  So while some of you are searching for just the right costume for your children this is what I have to consume my time!  Can you imagine what my real babies will be put through? Ha

Howl-O-Ween 2008

The Fam!  I don't know why Cas looks so disgruntled he isn't the one wearing a top hat and sequins!
Getting ready to make her debut!
How Presh is she?
Her extra bling I found at Wal-Mart during the Halloween season! Who knew? It lit up and blinked so everyone was sure to see her!
Yep the cape was all white stars......boring, so I hot glued all those stars on a few hours before we went (I glued her fingers a couple of times too!)
The side view
The back view
I tried to get her to sit in front of my fall display but she wasn't having it.  She was soo over the hat and wanted it off!

She is ready to go this year!  It really is cute because they have the stores downtown open and they give the dogs treats and usually throw in a coupon for the adults!  She hopes you all have a great weekend.  She is going to be working on her blog and will be updating more often.....she is a few months behind!  Happy Tails to you all!
-Mom and Mags

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  1. That costume is soo cute!! I love it!! The McCanine sign is hilarious:) Looks like you had a lot of fun. I've wanted to get Favre a costume, but he is soo big, it's hard to get something that fits:)
    p.s. I'll be posting my menu plan today with a few easy, cheap recipes. Maybe you'll see some you wanna try!


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