Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy Times

Good Morning everyone!  We have been so busy around here lately that I haven't had much time to get ALL of my blogging done!  That doesn't meant that I haven't still been reading all my other 100+ blogs I read!  So much to read so little time!  I was up forever late last night editing pictures!  It is not that it takes so long for a few pictures but I have a LOT.  Do ya'll realize we went on a cruise in August and May and I have not posted the pictures because there are so many back off people! I am going to get them edited and posted soon, I have been working on it.  With Fall here we have been busy with the usual fall activities of pumpkin patches and festivals, when you live in the South they have a festival around everything.  A few weekends ago it was the Hummingbird Festival, this past weekend it was the Syrup Sopping Festival!  That's right I said "syrup"!  It is a major condiment in the South! Ha!  In South Alabama this week they are "festive"aling about the peanuts this week at the Peanut Festival!  The leaves are starting to change so we will probably do our usual drive through the mountains to ooh and ahh about the colors and take pictures!  Also, I have some fall baking I want to do.  I found a recipe for some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I have never had any so I am going to try to make those hopefully today.  I have to do something with all those cans of pumpkin I bought when the t.v. was broadcasting about "the great pumpkin shortage" this year!  The panic set in, LOL!  It was almost as scary as when we were running out of gas here a few summers ago!  I said almost!  My email is filled daily with fall recipes using pumpkin or apples and there are so many I want to make but gosh we need to be on a diet around here!  What is a girl to do?????  Oh and we are going to try to squeeze in carving our pumpkin tonight too!  Happy Wednesday! 

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