Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy the Breast Products!

Hi friends and fellow bloggers this is Maggie the resident fur baby of the blog!  I wanted to remind all of you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  They always put out lots of cute stuff to support this cause and lots of it especially this month!  Mom says most of it is pink too!  Who doesn't need pink stuff that supports a cause???  Tell me who?  So rush out there and pick some stuff up I know ya'll need some things.  Mom says they even have pink swiffer dusters and cute little dish washing detergent tabs that are pink!  I know all of you need to dust and wash dishes!  Well I am just sayin.....  The Breast Cancer Site has some super cute things too!  Mom has lots of things from coffee cups to ornaments and even has a Breast Cancer Barbie!  This disease has affected my Mom as her Mom had this disease.  Thank of you all shopping for the cure!

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