Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall and Halloween Decorations

I have been meaning to share some of my Fall and Halloween decorations with everyone. 

This is the wreath that greets you at the front door.  I bought the wreath last year at Big Lots and then I found the sign at Old Time Pottery and then I added in the orange ribbon

This is the Scarecrow version of Cas and I we look sad.  They are on our porch with some Mums that I promise looked much better a few weeks ago!
I made the "S"

This little lady greets you on our porch too.  I already had her and I found this little wagon at a yard sale this summer.  I had been looking for one for this purpose.
FYI.....I don't keep my silver polished as I like it shabby chic :)

The decorations on the table that sits behind the couch.  Yes I am aware that there are two frames that remain pictureless! :)

My entry way table.  This table was my Moms and I just love it.  It always hold cute things for the holdidays.  Right now it has a cute leaf bowl with caramels for the guests or whoever may be passing by.  Also in my apothecary jar is walnuts and their are some old keys in with them.

This little basket sits there as well with pumpkins and a cute scarecrow.  We bought this tree at the Biltmore years ago and we have been raising it since.  Still alive....yeah!

This little tree adorns the desk.  I had the vase and I just went and picked up sticks from the yard and wrapped these cute leaves from Hobby Lobby around them.  You can see I have pecans stuck in there as well.

And for .25 cents this little guy got to come home from the thrift store and sit in my tree!
Truth be told I own another one exactly the same.  He came from the after Christmas clearance at Target last year as I had been picking up similar types of birds to stick in our Christmas tree.  When I started decorating for Fall I wished I had left those birds accessible so I was super excited when I came across my new .25 cent owl friend!

I have a ton scarecrows from a previous job and lots of the leaf garland and mini pumpkins and gourds thanks to the Dollar Tree.

This is what rests about our t.v. armoire.  I bought those cute little blocks and pumpkins last year at Hob Lob and decided to sit them on some candle sticks that I already had this year for the staggered look!  I already had the garland so I found those flowers and tins and the Dollar Tree and put those little arrangements together to join the other decor.

Love pumpkins, love silver and luuuuv cloches

Some more fall decorations on our table in the kitchen.  I added more pecans to my apothecary jars that have the "real silver" silverware in them.

The mirror above.  I found these little nests at the thrift store for .25 cents and stuck in some leaves and an acorn I found 50% at Hob Lob

My table centerpiece.  Instead of candle on the candelabra I used pumpkins and garnished them with leaf garland and ribbon.  There are candles stuck down in the middle as well.

The kitchen light above my pumpkin centerpiece

This is really a picture stand that I found at an antique store and I use it for mini holiday ornaments.


In our guest bath
In the past I have done mostly Fall decorating and a little something for Halloween.  I bought Cas this Peanuts Halloween village years ago and we put it out every year.  This year I made a whole table of it.

I love this little set.  Notice the FREE decorating in the background.  This year when they had "The Great Pumpkin" in the comic section in the paper I cut it out and put in on some scrapbook paper and put it in a frame that I already had.

This was my tree before I put the spider web in it.  I think I like it better this way!  I already had the vase.  I found sticks in the yard and spray painted  them black.  I found the cute orange and black ornaments and the orange and black filler at Hob Lob.  I just put it all together and threw in some black tulle.  I keep several rolls of the tulle ribbon around the house that comes on a spool at Hob Lob.  It always comes in handy.

More tulle and orange and black filler.  I just love the little witch hats sitting inside them!  They were meant to be floral picks but I just pulled the stick off and sat them inside with some letters I printed off the computer

I just love these guys.
 This hear I helped my friend Briana and I put some fall decor together for her.

Her mantle

All the fall decor we found at the Dollar Tree!
Thank You all for stopping by and sharing some of our decor with us!

Good Bye


  1. Soo cute ms. martha stewart!! Love the fall gave me some good ideas too:)

  2. Awesome! I love the glass boo with the tulle! I'm now inspired!

  3. I love all your decor. Thanks for posting. I am now following you.



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