Thursday, October 29, 2009

BOO-Tiful Treats

I have made a few Halloween treats this week!  I made the first two treats to send to work with Cas today!

Did you guess they are ghosts??  I have mad these before and I think they are so cute and they are sooo simple!  All they are is Nutter Butters dipped in white chocolate and then you use candies for the eyes.

1 pack of Nutter Butters
1 whole tray of white bark
Candies for the eyes, I used Hershey's Triple Chocolate Dessert Toppings found with Ice Cream Stuff

Tip: Instead of melting your chocolate in the microwave, because it usually burns that way, use a large pot on the stove and fill it with water. Find a glass bowl that sits down in the top without falling in.  Put your chocolate in the bowl and turn the water on to heat.  The chocolate will melt this way and not burn!

Oreo Balls

Cas's Aunt makes these and we got the recipe from her.  Super Simple!

1 pack of Oreos
1 8oz box of Cream Cheese, leave out until soft
1 package of Chocolate Bark
Any toppings of your choice or you can leave them plain (I have done them in white chocolate as well for Valentines and drizzled with pink chocolate)

Put 1 package of Oreo's in your food procceser and one box of cream cheese in with them and mix until everything is crushed and mixed together.  Roll into small balls and dip them in the chocolate and then garnish them with any seasonal topping of your choice!

I also made this cake this week to take to Jason and Renea's for dinner. Renea bought me the pumkin shaped cake an last year so I made this cute cake.  Excuse his crooked smile :/

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  1. Oh wow! These are cool! I love the nutter butter ghosts. I love nutter butters and dipping them in chocolate is all the better!!


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