Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Have Been Seeing Another Man

Yes it's true I have another man in my life......a bit younger than Cas and he doesn't want me to wash his laundry and cook his dinner! Makes my heart pitter-patter!
We have also been going out on lunch dates! He lets me order what I want and he doesn't complain and he was nice enough to let me go eat at Laredo's and Cottage Cafe! Cas doesn't appreciate my love for these two delicious establishments!
That's right folks it's Drew! Apparently he is just not that in to me as he sleeps whenever I am around! But hey like I said he let's me eat at restaurants I like and doesn't complain! I guess it's the little things! We have been going on some lunch dates and yeah we take his Mom....I know I know...... you are thinking third wheel! Ha! Other than a few foul smells and the fact that he doesn't pay (what a date ;o) we have been enjoying our lunch's out!Documented by Muah......1st trip to a Mexican Restaurant! 1st time to order white cheese dip! That should be in the baby books....right? Thank goodness he didn't hog it or I would be moving onto someone other hunk!I guess I shouldn't take it personally that he is not enthralled with my every move or sitting on the edge of his car seat to see what I am going to do next as he doesn't seem to really care for shopping or these recipes his mother was flipping through while at World Market! I won't take any of this personally until at least after his 1st birthday!

To more delicious dates with Drew!

1 comment:

  1. Drew says he's looking forward to your next date! Pick him up at his crib.


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