Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Isn't Always Free

I had previously posted about the measures I had to take to get shutters for this house. One of the deals at Home Depot was that you got "FREE" Braves tickets with a purchase over a $100 a the time I bought them this Summer. They finally sent us our tickets and the were for Saturday against the Phillies. We loaded up and finally arrived to the stadium a few minutes late thanks to that great 365 days a year road work they have going on I-85. We parked and paid $10.00 for that. We headed off to find our seats and found them three rows from the top. I settled in and didn't budge because I wasn't walking up those steep death defying stairs again! After watching for a while Cas went and got us each a hot dog and a drink each. That was $18.50!!!!
So lets do the math on this:

$150 for shutters
$50?? or so for gas
$ 10 for parking
$18.50 for two hot dogs and two drinks (and that meant two more cups to cram in a cabinet)
=2 FREE tickets at $10.00 face value !!!!!!

Don't get me wrong we had fun but just because something is FREE doesn't really mean it is FREE!

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