Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

I kept Drew today for Renea while she had a Doctor appointment.......

We read some books, he napped, and swung and then against my better judgement I felt sorry for this critter!

 It was cool outside and we weren't doing anything so I was nice to said pooch and took him and of course Drew outside. I figured Drew and I would rock on the patio and kick the ball for Tag. To make a looong story short I ended up getting locked out of the house with a baby! When I turned the knob it wasn't locked or so I thought (I was later informed that "Yea it does that....sigh....thanks for the tip)
After I realized we were locked out without a phone I was hoping to see the neighbor next door that I know they know. Well she wasn't home and I tried a couple of other neighbors to finally find one of them home. Drew had eaten and been changed but I was worried if we "just sat it out" that he might get upset and need something quick! I just wanted to call Renea and see if she had a hidden key somewhere so incase he needed something ASAP I wouldn't have to break a glass pane on the door (and have to pay for it)! I finally reached her and she was on her way home. She laughed at the whole thing and Drew wasn't phased at all!

Hmm I wonder if he will want to hang with Auntie Melissa again??

He is thinking about it!

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