Monday, August 10, 2009

Enjoyable Yet Unenjoyable Weekend

We stayed home this weekend and didn't do much. It seems we are gone a lot on the weekends so we hung around our house this weekend. Plus we are hanging around at home since we will be gone for a while at the end of the month. Cas cut the grass and we cleaned some and I did the usual laundry....the same chores you do every week. Bleh.....anyways it was nice to just relax. We DVR'd a couple of movies and some of our favorite t.v. shows this weekend. We watched a cute movie with Ryan Reynolds in it Saturday called "Definitely Maybe" and last night we curled up and watched Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, one of our favorites and Kendra. We dined on Margaritas and popcorn. I know.....fancy right? Our days were enjoyable but MY nights are not. For some reason I do not sleep well in our bed. I have never enjoyed our mattress as I do not sleep well on them. Also it stays soo hot in our room. If we were going to stay in our house for a long time, which we are not staying long term, then we would probably look into buying an AC unit for our room. The longest I have slept any night this weekend was when I feel asleep on the couch watching t.v. because I had to move to the couch because I had horrible pains in my stomach. I do believe it is due to my gallbladder as I have quit a few stones that were detected by ultrasound last year. Argh just some more of life's fun! I didn't wake up like I wake up what seems like every 30 minutes in our bed. So needless to say I was grouchy this morning because I feel like I didn't even sleep last night!

On a side note this weekend was the longest yard sale starting in Gadsden and I have always wanted to go. Sounds thrilling to me! I am going to have to make a mental note in the calendar in my head to attend next year! I have been reading some blogs this morning of some ladies that went! Miles of vintage items (and yes...lots of junk) and things that need some spray paint to be beautiful = Miles of FUN!!!!

I read all three of these ladies as they have great do-it-yourself and trash to treasure projects and they posted their stories here. She has the link to the other two ladies on her page.

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