Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Sure If We Had Company Or Maggie Did????

My friend April came and spent a couple of days with us while she was working in Auburn. She also "suckered" me into going to one of Mary Kay events! I was paid off in Mexican food so who could say "NO" to that???? Maggie really enjoyed her! Normally Maggie sits with Cas or I but she was getting way too much lovin from April! I came home from work the next morning to find them in bed doing a Beth Moore Bible study! Maggie enjoyed it! I told April she needed to come back and spend some time with the cats because I am pretty sure they have not accepted Jesus as they often act devil-ish! We were glad to have her stay with us and of course we ride in style when she is here! For those of you who don't know......and I have blogged about it before as well......April introduced me to Charity (through Mary Kay) who set Cas and I up! The verdict is still out on if I should thank them or not! Ha! :) Can't wait til she stays again!

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  1. How is April doing? I haven't heard from her in ages!


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