Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Wedding, Sleepy Sunday and Maggie's Monday

Here are picture's from Shelly and Garrett's wedding. It was very lovely. We were able to spend time with some of our friends including my best friend Charity (the one responsible for Cas and I) and her family. We went back with everyone after the wedding to the Chalets they were staying at in Pine Mountain......including Shelly and Garrett! Yep they hung out with us. Girl I love you but I would have been saying "Good-Bye and Good-Night!" We have been up until after 2 every night this weekend including Sunday night (I had to work this morning)
I woke up early Sunday morning wishing I could sleep late and I took these pictures of the "Sleeping" before I went to lay back down and try to sleep a little longer.

We also grilled out last night. Cas has been wanting to get out and grill so luckily to storm passed through quickly. We bought the stand that holds beer, coke, etc. for the chicken. He grilled it with a can of beer and the chicken was super moist and juicy! He also put some steaks on and corn. We did French Onion potatoes inside and I also made Buckeye Bars. From what I hear we really should be fasting before this cruise!
I went home for lunch today to eat with Cas. He said he had just left the room and come back and this is what he found.

We had clean laundry on the couch to be folded and somehow she worked herself into my underwear! I know some things I should not share! He was able to get a picture of her.

Happy Monday!

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