Monday, May 4, 2009

Mentally We Are Already Gone!

While Cas and I ate lunch (while very sleepy) we were discussing how we are just ready to get out of here. We have not been anywhere in a long time or anywhere by ourselves for that matter as far as on a trip. It has been a change for us as there was a time where we were gone all the time. One year we were on the road every weekend it seemed like! We love to go places and see new things. Although we do enjoy being at home working on the house and spending time with the "babies." We have so many places we want to go. There is so much history and great things to see in other towns, states and even countries! Can't wait until we can travel overseas! We are definitely not the type of people that will ever say "that we just never traveled and we are o.k. with that." So many neat things to see out there. And we are the two that will find the most random things to visit just so we can say "we've seen it/been to it." It is very important to us to make time for each other and go places. Cas said "he hated to tell his co-workers, but mentally he is already gone!"Give me some sun and a Bahama Mama!

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