Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotter Than **** (HOTT)

I would just like to share really quick even though it is really late that it is really dang HOT in our house. I was running around like a mad woman this afternoon so I tried to turn the air on because it was "Oh So Hot." Yeah and it wouldn't come on. Funny you think? Ha NO! This is the second time that this has happened in a year.....on a brand new house mind you! I called Cas at work and he said "well I will look at it when I get home." So I guess I will sweat like a hog then Honey! Once he came home he looked at it and still couldn't get it to come on. I had to go run a few last minute errands and pick up our dry cleaning. Any thing was a good enough reason the get out of the sauna. I returned tonight at 11:30 to find all the windows open and the fans on! I still have lots of ironing (sweating) to do so.....I bid you farewell!

Oh I did find the cutest cocktail napkins at Wal-Mart tonight that have little Daschunds on them and they say "Cocktail Weenies" on them! Smile :) The little things.

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