Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Tar-Jay Giveaway

My great bloogy friend and friend IRL Sus is giving away a gift card for her 100th!! blog post!  She is giving away a gift card to Tar-Jay (Target) for the winner.  Now if you feel like you would like to enter and you don't reallly want the gift card email me and I will send you my address and you can send it here!  We take all forms of gifts cards, cash and checks here at the Howard Smith Household!  I love Target and I would love the giftcard.  Chances are I might have the $25 dollars spent before I leave the dollar section so I might not even make it to the rest of the store! Ha!  So go on over here and enter!  You only have until tommorrow night at midnight to enter so if you don't hurry well then that greatens my chance of winning!  :)  Good Day Ladies!

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