Friday, December 11, 2009

Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday

1.  Does Santa wrap the presents he leaves at your house?
When I was growing up all my "Santa" presents were left on the fireplace or in a group at my Grandparents house depending on where we were. Santa even brought my presents to the beach one year as my parents decided that would be a good place to spend Christmas?????  We don't have children yet but Santa will leave the presents unwrapped......may we have a fireplace by then!  Dear Santa could you bring me a house with one?!!!

2. When is your "Big" Christmas Celebration?
Well since Cas's family is so big we always have Christmas at his family's a differant weekend so we are actually in the midst of baking, wrapping and packing as I type look I took a 10 minute break okay.  We have an all day family Christmas party at his Granny's on Saturday.  Everyone eats all day and most of the kids go on a Scavenger hunt to get them out of the house.  Then afterwards we will open presents.  It starts with the youngest to the oldest. There will be about 30 (and growing with two babies on the way) people there so you do the math on how long that will take.  Then we will have Christmas at Cas's parents and Sister and Brother-in-Law and their two boys on Sunday.  Then on Christmas Eve morning Cas and I do our Christmas and then we travel to Birmingham to my Dad and his wife's house.  Our big meal and opening presents in on Christmas Day once my two Step-Brothers make it to the house!  I can't wait til one of us has children so we will have some little ones.  Ahh that tires me just typing all of that...

3. Are you big on keeping tradition every year?
Well I would like to but as we have so many Christmas's and we just started our hom last year our Christmas traditions are slowly changing and/or evolving.  Once we have children I will for sure start traditions and try to keep them up!

4. Colored or Clear lights?
Well we have a couple of trees. All of them have clear lights except for the Peanuts/Snoopy Tree and colored lights are more fitting for it!  I think clear lights are more elegant and I love them but then on fun or childrens tree I think colored is cute

5. Do you decorate outside?
Yes.  I have wreaths on the windows and on the door and I have a sleigh with deer and a Santa and the I have two more snowman on and some lit up trees on the other side.  I dont have anything big for the yard. I have been looking for something pretty but have not found anything I like.

Happy Friday


  1. I would really like to see a picture of this Snoopy/Peanuts tree...


  2. wow. xmas sure involves a lot of people. i wonder what traditions you will begin when you have little ones.


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