Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bussiest Time of the Year!

Really I still blog!  I swear I do will!  We have just seemed to have become very busy with little things to do during the holiday season!  We had so much to get done for Thanksgiving and it has not stopped  yet!  My great friend Sus even emailed to check to see if we were still alive since she had not seen a blogging obituary on me!  I still have decorations that have not been put out and I keep moving things around and there still is even one tree that is not put up and it is one of my favorites so we shall see if it comes together!  I still have yet to blog any of our Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving or even some of the things we did in the fall!  Ahhh one day bloggy day!  I do have a lot to share I just have to find time to sit and write it!  We had a friend come over and take pictures for us tonight for our Christmas cards.....yeah I realize we are a little late on that too!  We always do Christmas in Macon (where Cas's family lives) a different weekend that actual Christmas and we are having that this weekend.  That is right I have a crap load of presents to wrap AND NONE.....NOT ONE FREAKIN ONE of them is done yet!  Then there is the baking I have to do before we go.  All the women bake or cook like 5+ things to bring to Granny's Christmas so when I get through blogging I have to go and look through some books to finalize what goodies I will be making therefore I shall be going back to the grocery store tomorrow.  We are supposed to be going to a Christmas play tomorrow night too.
Sigh........As Clark Grisswold says......"Tis the Season to be Merry"

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  1. How cute is this header and stuff! How did you do that? I miss your posts, hope you get less busy soon! :D


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