Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Are The Strange Neighbors?

Well for the second morning in a row I have been out taking pictures of our "extreme" weather conditions! Yesterday I know both of the neighbors across the street witnessed me. They were preparing to take cover for their lives while I was outside with my camera snapping away and I am sure thought I was about to look like Todo blowing through the skies. But I am still here (my hair does kind of resemble his this early in the a.m. though). Yes it is early! I set my alarm so I could wake up to see this! Or else we probably would have slept until any visible sign of snow (ice) had melted! Well my t.v says "Winter Storm Warning", but it's just a scattering of sleet! I can dream that I would have woken up to a snow blanket covering our yard, that we could have gotten bundled up, and that we could have taken Maggie out to romp through it! But I guess for everyones sake I better go get a little more rest since I didn't fall asleep until late! I will post my pictures later in the day.

Sweet Snowy Dreams!

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