Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dining For A Cause

Friday night we went out to dinner with Cas's work group. One of the guys that works with him has cancer and is going through treatments at the Cancer Centers of America in Chicago. They are doing a very very invasive procedure this next week. Please keep him in your prayers. They are very much needed. He has a precious little girl named Bailey. His co-workers gave me money to get some things together for him that he could take with him. I picked up a blanket, lots of books, magazines, crossword puzzles, a journal, note cards (in case he wants to send a card to his daughter), lots of hard candy and an Auburn t-shirt! He is an Auburn fan and I found a t-shirt that says "We are in it to win it"!!!! I thought it was very fitting. I absolutely HATE and DESPISE cancer! I pray that he wins his battle to the fullest!!!!!!! I have a very personal hatred to this horrible disease!

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