Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pink Pancakes and Poodles

We are leaving tomorrow for the Cherry Blossom festival in Macon, Ga. We go every year. It started a week ago but we like this weekend because it is the arts and crafts weekend. We will off course be dining on pink pancakes Saturday morning. It is all you can eat PINK pancakes and sausage and coffee, milk and juice for $5 and the money goes to cancer so I make sure we go to that. Usually we stand in a long line wrapped around a huge tent waiting to get in. But something about pink pancakes makes them taste so much better and of course it is for a great cause. They are having a dog event and a sea lion show in the same park afterwards so I hope to see them before we head over to the arts and crafts downtown. I am hoping the rain will hold off. There is always a poodle there that they have died pink! I will try to find it and take its picture! Poor Dog! We will be taking Maggie with us but she won't be pink! Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. I am looking forward to being back home and sleeping in my bed. Cas is off until next Friday so we plan on sleeping in and working in the yard.

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  1. Darn it! We didn't make it for the pink pancakes last year. I may have to make my own! -Renea


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