Sunday, March 1, 2009

And Now, For the Rest of the Story!

Farewell Paul Harvey!

After having horrific storms and tornadoes within our county, then it warming up to where we were sweating outside the day before I surely didn't think we would have snow! In Alabama it is very common for the weather to change frequently in one day. But I still did not think we would actually see snow even though they were flashing Winter Storm Warning on the t.v. I set my alarm to wake up around 5:30 a.m. I figured if any flurries did fall it would be early and then they would melt. I was afraid we would sleep through it all! I went out and it was just sort of drizzling and then I looked it was actually little pieces of ice. I went in and tried to wake Cas up but he wasn't budging. I laid back down for a while hoping it would snow more. After laying there for about an hour I went back out and it was actually snowing this time! I went in and got dressed and put Maggie's winter coat on her (it didn't stay on long, she has such short legs). I finally convinced Cas to come and see. We went out for a little while and played with Maggie. We came in and cooked breakfast. We laid back down for a while and watched it snow through our bedroom window. We looked out at one point and you could hardly see through the snow it was coming down that heavy! We bundled up and went back out. We played with Maggie and even brought the cats out one by one to see how they felt about it. They are very thankful that they are indoor cats! Cas and I had snow fights, built a snowman, took a bunch of pictures and Cas even tackled me in the snow (not funny)! We had a blast playing like little kids. In some parts of the yard we had 7 inches of beautiful snow. There were times you could barely see if was coming down so hard. What fun memories. Hope you all had fun as well if you had snow! Today is sounds like it is raining with all the ice melting off of the roof. There are still little patches in the yard on this sunny day.

Good Day

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