Monday, June 8, 2009

Date Night and Digging

We didn't have much planned for the weekend other than the typical yard work and I wanted to go check out something we had found out about during our Easter Brunch at Arricia's. It is called "Simply Sinful Saturdays". I really should not have to point out the fact that it was yummy just by the name.
"Ariccia's Chocolate Bar is a luscious treat with 20 varieties of chocolate-infused desserts changing weekly as our pastry chef pulls out all the stops for a truly decadent dessert experience"
That is their description and it says they change things up so an even better reason that we have to go back. I rented some movies for us to watch while I was out running errands Saturday morning.......after my yard selling. I left the house at 6am and found a few cute things. This is the only thing that would ever get me out of bed that early! We watched Marley and Me finally and I CRIED!!!!!! Maggie was watching with us and I just held her while I BooHood! I can't imagine us not having her. She is part of the family. She is treated just like a child.
We worked in the yard some Saturday, it took Cas most of the day to cut the grass.....maybe one day a riding lawn mover will be in the budget! We went and picked up a few necessities at Home Depot Sunday and I planted a few things and we worked on our ever going battle with Honey Suckle! Every time we turn around it has taken over something. I also picked up the paint for the laundry room so that I can get started on that this week.
Have a good week!

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  1. Your fans await an update to your blog. It's been over a month...


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