Saturday, January 10, 2009

We didn't help the starving!

Cas and I have been wanting to go to a starving artist event for a while. My Dad and Mary have found some great stuff at them. I saw a commercial the other day for one in Columbus that was from 11-4 today. We decided we would go. We have a big open area on one of our walls that is open and very noticeable. My dad also pointed that out, too! Anyways we slept in and and then got up, made breakfast, did dishes, cleaned the house some then showered. It was 2:00 before we got to the event. We were excited because we saw some people coming out with art. They had advertised that nothing was over $59! We went in and it was a big event, but much to our dismay they had sold a lot and what was left was not really what we wanted. Although I did see a couple of Cafe ones that I liked. One of the guys said that there was a ton of paintings this morning, but they had sold most of what they had. Wow imagine that...."the early bird gets the worm!" We miss a lot of worms around here! Ha! And by the way...the artists I saw had not missed a meal in quit a while....much less starving! But we had fun going anyways. We wanted to support the starving as we have greatly supported Thomas Kinkade and we are pretty sure he is set for a while! When we left there I suggested that we walk across the street to the Columbus visitors center to see if they had any information on local things to do that maybe we didn't know about. We are suckers for festivals, fairs, and food events! I even drug us to a festival one time that involved us driving through a trailer park with camels to get to it!!! But that is a story for a much later date! Anyways we went in and Cas and I collected every bit of info on anything you can imagine doing in Georgia! By the way people will make a museum around anything, won't they? This is what all I brought home to start looking through to plan some fun weekend things.

While in there I found an add for a cute little General Store right down the road so we stopped in, of course looking for bottled sodas! We browsed and came out with some of our favorites. Boylan Soda Pop! Black Cherry today!
Hey we got out and had fun. On a side note Cas cooked dinner tonight. I have cooked all week and didn't have any food inspirations tonight (I did make some goood Italian Chicken the other night though). He made some yummy pork chops that he marinated with Pinot Grigio, real lemon and real oranges. It was very good! Hats off to the chef! Now off to enjoy the sound of the rain!

Good Night
Cas and Melissa

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