Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday Anyone?

1....I love things that make life easier. I was blog browsing today and came across this website! Every Monday a large list of their readers post their menus for the week. So if you are in a rut cooking the same things all the time you can look through and get some new ideas! A lot even have the recipes! Awesome! Maybe one day I will link our weekly menu on there. I am not that advanced yet! Her website also had great organizing ideas on there as well....check it out.
2....We had our telephone installed today through Charter. (really the only reason we had it hooked up was because it was free.....neither one of us are big phone talkers...Cas says he talks on the phone all day at work so he does not want to talk when he gets home!) It looks crappy. There are wires running all around the office that look hideous and then I went outside after he left and that looks horrible too. The box that all of our cable is in will not shut now and if anyone knows anything about security a trained robber knows how to unhook your phone lines so that when you have a security system it will not reach the security company because they run through the lines they cut! Wow! He also drilled through our wall too. Cas was not impressed when he got home.
3.....On a side note....I am tired of seeing Ann Coulter on t.v. promoting her new book. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the right to share it. Sharing and pushing your views on others as if they are the only way to think for it to be the right way is a different story! The ladies on the view ate her up this morning. Their wasn't one lady she didn't offend...even poor Elizabeth the conservative one!
4.......Last, but certainly not least. Cas and I met 8 years ago today. Although, we officially celebrate our anniversary on Halloween. It was official then! Love you Cas!

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