Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Snow Day

* I did see a few flurries and little ice pellets while I was waiting in line at the bank today to make the house payment. 
* I did buy milk and bread today because we did need them, not because I am fearful of spending a week snowed in!
* I did purchase some items to make "Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards" cause I need to get on that and after getting all of the stuff to make them, thinking I would save money, I know realize had I bought the ones off of Etsy I would HAVE saved money!  Frankly I am too tired and freezing to start on that project....another day.
* I did score a super cute Lilly Pulitzer notebook, this exact one in fact for a few mere dollars.  I also scored the mousepad with tear off paper that has the Bees Knees pattern on it too!  I found these at TJMaxx!  That somewhat made up for the screaming child that's Mother kept trying to bargain with him.  Lady he screamed a loooooooong time.  Why would he stop if you are just going to continue to bargain with him and overlook it while you are perusing cheap name brand clothing!  He screamed so much that there was a group of ladies who did not know one another that were tallking about her parenting. 
* I picked up a few things at Target on the way home which included a pizza for dinner!  For heavens sake it is yucky weather outside~I am not cooking really we are leaving for the weekend and did not want leftovers!  Cas pulled the pizza out of the freezer to put it in the oven and started griping because it was DiGiorno.......he got sick one time after he ate DiGiorno and so he thinks he will always get sick.  He expects me to remember that, I didn't and just picked up what they had at Target.  I provided food.  There is one thing made around here and you can eat it or starve.  He ate it and to my knoweledge has not made a mad dash to the porcelain thrown!
* Friends that live in our area keep posting on Facebook that it is snowing at their house.  So inbetween Cas watching the game he keeps walking out the door to see if it is snowing.  It is not.  It is just sleeting and it is letting my heat out of the door!  I am freezing and currently have the heat set on 73!  Wow what the electricity bill will be! 
* I am having to DVR Real Housewives of Orange County because of this football mess on tv.  Yes I realize it is trashy reality t.v.  I must have so many hours a week! :)  It is like credits you have to take a semester!
* I am not saying Roll Tide even though they are in the SEC.  I live on the outskirts of Auburn.  That is a sin.
*Off course the media today has shown some of Alabama's (the state) finest people making the state look stellar!  As usual.........
* I would love some snow but do not think we will have any....sigh.  I am just ready to go curl up under the covers with some hot chocolate.  I sure do wish we had bought an electric blanket that I have been wanting.  I am registering for sure!

While I sit around and wait on the great snow storm of 2010 here are some pictures from the snow we had this March!
Happy Snow Day

She had her heavy coat on but it kept coming off as she was drudging through the snow

I love this picture!  She had a good time playing like a reindeer!

pretty I know.....

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  1. As many pictures as you take, you'd think I'd start shaving more so I wouldn't look so homeless all the time.


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