Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Am Over Technology

O.K. so I said that I would be in front of this computer for the past two days!  Well when I said that I was telling the truth but EVERY time I lay out a plan of action for anything in my life something throws me off track!  Well Monday I skipped off to Best Buy bought my much needed Apple upgrade software maybe priced some other Apple products and drooled over the DSLR's and returned home about the same time Cas did.  We came in the office to quickly load up our new software and we were DENIED!  It says you do not have enough RAM.  To make a long story short Cas spent a long time on the phone with Best Buy and they did not have what we need so the next option was the Mac and More store in Pratville (1 1/2 hours away) so I had to get up yesterday and drive out there.  Well another shortened story was when I got there they said it would 3-5 days!  That was mentioned the night before and I let them know about their customer service!  So to get the matter solved yesterday I had to pay $75!! just to move to the front of the line to have more RAM installed so that I could install my new software!  All I can say is that I was not very thrilled with my day but atleast there was a TJMaxx in the same shopping center!  Thank You Jesus!  Before I was even done with my parusing of the store they called to say it was done!  I won't share the total with you, but lets just say they make ALOT off of 30-45 minutes of work!  We finally were able to get everything installed last night and our computer is so much faster!  After all of this we could have had half our laptop but I want a DSLR before a new computer!  If only we could have all of our needs/wants! Sigh.....Back to work self!


  1. Oh no that really sucks! I have BEEN THERE! ha

  2. That is the worst! These businesses have such a choke hold on us making us wait & pay higher prices! I get so aggravated! I am glad I am not alone! I always like to stop by your blog! Thanks for sharing! :)


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